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When will Trump and his supporters produce the evidence that shows that mail-in voting leads to massive levels of voter fraud?

Still not a single answer or shred of evidence from Trump supporters here proving that mail-in voting leads to massive levels of voter fraud.  Why not?  Why do I have to keep asking this simple question over and over?  Where's the evidence?


@Susie, your anecdotes do not prove massive levels of voter fraud. But they do prove that the system works and fraudlent votes are caught. Your "coulda woulda" answer didn't address my question.  Where's the evidence that mail-in voting produces massive levels of voter fraud?

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    Trump and his supporters will never be able to produce any evidence that shows that mail-in voting leads to massive levels of voter fraud...

    ... because there is none. 

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    Because it's a no-brainer. D-uh.

    Ever embrace virtues such as honor and civic duty?

    Or are you one of those who avoids jury duty?

    Voting is right up there with driver's licenses. There are certain qualifications that must be met.

    Reducing it to mass-mailing denigrates its status and importance. 

    Next we'll see Boris and Natasha promoting voting by internet, and all the sheeple will nod in knowing agreement, as the vote gets spammed into meaninglessness.

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    RepubliCONS don't know what evidence means.  They've never once been right about anything

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    democrats are cheating right now, i heard about a guy in california registering 20 dead people online, he got 20 ballots and they were all democrats.

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    Trump and his supporters are so desperate they come up with all kinds of excuses:  mail in voting is a fraud, moving election day is better, not debating Biden is better, coronavirus will go away....etc.

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    Because the accusation/insinuation is what's important for it to be useful as political propaganda.  It can't go any further than that, because the lack of evidence will become all too obvious.  It's just a campaign talking point, intended to do nothing more than cause chaos and uncertainty.  They only use it because they know their gullible base will uncritically accept it at face value.  If one gives even a cursory closer look at the issue of election fraud, then it becomes clear that almost all documented instances of it have been by Republicans--one of the most recently reported was by a Kansas freshman Representative--Steve Watkins--who was recently indicted on three charges of felony voter fraud and ousted from his seat in their most recent primary.

    That's also why the accusations of the so-called "deep state conspiracy" have never gone anywhere beyond hysterical announcements of some "upcoming bombshell" on FOX News--never goes any further than that, because it's not supposed to.  They just throw stuff at the wall, and as soon as anyone starts inspecting the wall too closely, they're quickly on to something else.

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    1 month ago

    You have to keep asking it over and over because you live in an echo chamber and can't hear anything you don't want to hear, little blocking snowflake.

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     Some people told me, what more evidence do you need? 

  • 1 month ago

    You throw mud in the hope ,that even if just a little sticks , it dirties the target. .

  • 1 month ago

    He read it somewhrte on the internet. That's good enough for him.

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