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My ex husband is married and he is not abusive to his wife but he treats her better than he has when he was with me why ?

I have been happily married to a wonderful man for 46 years and I have my own children and grandchildren but I recently discovered that my ex husband has been happily married for 46 years with his wife and he has his own children and grandchildren and he treats his wife better than he treated me he never cheated on her he loves her a lot and he always treats her like a queen and he gave her roses every Mother’s Day before coronavirus he took her out on dates every Friday and he never complained about her going out with her friends my ex never treated me like that he would beat me cheat on me punch me in the face kick me in the stomach and called me a disgrace spit toothpaste on the mirror and he would make a mess on the kitchen and he would complain about me going out to see my friends my ex cheated on me with his wife before he finally left me for her I was married to my ex for 5 years 


I also found out that my ex husband never told his wife that he abused me before he left me for her 

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    OMG! What does it matter now that he's treating his wife better than the way he treated you? You're no longer married to him. How are we supposed to know why he was abusing you when he was married to you? We don't know him. If you want an answer to your question then you will have to ask your ex. He's part of your past. Why don't you leave him there?

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    My ex was similar to yours - he was lovely and personable except when he was in a bad mood. 

    I came to realise that we just did not work well together. That when he was with me that something in him changed. 

    I don't believe that it was due to anything I did or didn't do but I do wonder if 

    1/. Either I responded in a way that only made a bad situation worse

    2/. He learnt from his mistakes and made a choice to be a better man 

    I think we both learnt a lot from our time together - 

    Me - to not accept less than I deserved

    Him - to treat others as you would like to be treated. 

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