What would be the best education root?

I have a bachelor's degree in marketing in management and afterwards it was hard finding a job in that degree. As I was job searching, it was hard finding the right entry level position for that job. I was finding jobs for computer and accounting and I learned at the workplace I work at I enjoy working with numbers and I would like to go for accounting or business analyst. I regret not doing internship and getting the right experience as I was going to school. I have the opportunity to go back to school and after completing my FAFSA, I realized I will not qualify for a pell grant due to already having a bachelor's degree so I will have to find another way for financial aid.  

While unemployment I want to be productive and add more to the resume and do it right this time. 

I have two degree options: go for a certificate which is faster and cheaper and will be more concentrated or expand on my bachelor's and earn a master's degree in accounting

If I decide the certificate route, I will have to decide if I want to go towards accounting,  business analyst or computers. 

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  • 2 months ago

    That entirely depends on what career path you want and what risk you can afford when it comes to taking out loans.

    If you want a career as an account or think you have what it takes to be hired by a top accounting consulting firm, then you need to go for the Masters degree.  This is what large companies are going to look for and what they will prefer in order to promote an employee into management.

    If you just want to be a payroll or receivables clerk or supervisor, or a bookkeeper -- or work for a smaller company,  then a certificate is probably more than adequate. Employers hire skills. 

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