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What's the meaning of Elizabeth Woodville's coat of arms?

What's the meaning of Queen Elizabeth Woodville's arms "quarterly of six"

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    It mainly relates to her ancestry. The first five of the six quarters are taken from her mother, Jacquetta of Luxembourg. The sixth was created specifically for the family Woodville.

    The first quarter is a symbol of Luxembourg. The second from the French House of Baux (Kingdom of Naples) as Elizabeth's grandmother, Margaret, was from that dynasty. The third relates to Cyprus where that dynasty had holdings. The fourth comes from the Orsini (or Ursini) family from Italy as Elizabeth's great-grandmother was Justine Orsini.  The fifth is taken from Peter of Luxembourg, Count of St. Pol, Brienne and Conversano, who was Elizabeth's grandfather.

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    I don't blame Moriarty for making the common mistake of reversing the first and third quarters, as it's incorrectly given in many sources. Part of the confusion lies in the strange fact that Jacqueline de Luxembourg actually did not bear the family arms of Luxembourg, but rather quarterly 1 & 4 Lusignan of Cyprus and 2 & 3 Balzo (Baux). This was because the lineage of Lusignan of Cyprus was so exalted, being the line of kings of Jerusalem. Easily made mistake. 

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    Generally there are four coats on one shield numbered I, II, III, IV. One and four are usually the same, as are two and three. If more than four they will be given as quarterly of six (or however many there are). As Queen her arms are melded with those of King Edward IV, with her own family  motifs and those of her parents.

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    There is no such person as Queen Elizabeth Woodville. 

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