I deleted the text in a note on my phone (yahoo folder in my iphone’s notes)?

the other day i had lifted my phone from my pocket and looked at what appeared to be a new note opened in the iphone notes app. “Silly me, i butt-opened the app and started a new note”. I close it out. Later i realize, I had not started a new note, but rather opened a long note that was very important and back spaced the whole thing. 

this note had been in my phone for years, as i made addition to it often and it kept growing. its two days later now that i realize the whole note hadnt been deleted, but inside the note had been before i closed it out and it was deleted as an empty note. 

since my phone had that knowlege in it so long, is there any way to recover what had been typed there and saved for so long? is there any way i can look into software-type things and find it stored away somewhere that accessible by linking computer and looking deeper than the phone is capable to show me itself?

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