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Are pitbulls an aggressive dog breed ?

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    2 months ago
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    Given the right circumstances, their aggressive drive can be triggered a lot faster than most breeds of dog and especially towards other dogs.

  • 2 months ago

    These days, when BYBs are breeding overly aggressive Pit Bulls because of the market, yes.   Initially they were bred to fight - other dogs - and used to be ok living with their owners.    Not so much now which is sad.

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    Mine sure isn't.  She loves everyone.

    Pit bulls were not developed to be aggressive toward humans.  They WERE, however, bred for aggression toward other dogs (most of them didn't get THAT memo, either.  Though some of them are, and some of those are EXTREMELY dog-aggressive.)

    Pits can be very reactive (and you can't always predict what the dog might react TO), can have a high prey-drive (which is often mistaken for aggression, but is not the same thing), are ridiculously strong, and have tremendous bite force.  They aren't more likely to bite than other breeds, but can inflict real damage if they do.

    Not the dog for everyone, certainly not for a first-time owner or one with no experience owning/training a dog that needs a firm hand.  It has an intimidating appearance, which is part of why some people own it for the wrong reasons, and it has a following among people who shouldn't own any dog, which contributes to the negative view many people have of what is most often a very nice dog.

    It's a great dog for the right owner.  Not necessarily the easiest dog to own.  Mine sleeps beside me, with her big lunky head tucked under my chin, all night.  And I'm not concerned at all.  She's not going to hurt me.  She wouldn't hurt you, either. 

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    2 months ago

    yes, don't ever get a pitbull as a pet. Statistically most dog attacks are done by pitbulls. They also do the most lethal dog attacks, and can easily kill people. Unless you really know how to take care of dogs don't get a pitbull, they are definitely not for the average dog owner and some would go as far as to say they shouldn't even be bred anymore.

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