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Why are the suburbs so perfect?

Hello good evening friends, I would like to ask you how this level of organization is achieved in the suburbs, impossible to see in Latin America. Does the government design these spaces and establish the same measure for each plot? Why are the houses so similar to each other? Are they standardized houses built by the government? Are tall buildings not allowed in those areas, or is there a height limit for houses? Is there any other specification regarding the general size of the house, for example a margin so that the houses are separated from each other?

Could someone explain this question more or less to me? Thanks for your time :)


Thank you very much for your answers: D I was only left with the doubt about apartment buildings, why aren't they built there? And is it not allowed, for example, if the owner has space and wants to build something very high in the future? That would ruin the aesthetics of the suburb, right? Or is it allowed?

Update 2:

Thank you for your answers! Greetings to all. I love you so much 🖤

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  • Dan
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    2 months ago
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    It's not organization, it's mass production. It's what is called a planned community. The real estate developer has vacant land, and starts selling these homes before they're even built. Buyer chooses a model from maybe 4 possibilities. When it is built, inside it's all the same, including cabinets. It saves money for the developer to do this. It's not government regulation. The US has more undeveloped land than countries in Latin America or Europe. 

    The developer may also initially build apartment style units that are condominiums. Those can be low rise or townhouses as well. But you can't buy one of those houses in your photo and add on another floor, nor build a cottage in the yard without a permit, nor keep livestock or open a store. Those all require the proper zoning. 

  • Edwena
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    2 months ago

    Nope.  Land developers was the business that settled the West. It built the towns.  And it continues today.  They make a master plan and work in concert with the government and utility companies . All done by their architects, engineers who are good at what they do. The developer builds the roads, sewage, drainage, gets the utilities installed, etc.  They sell lots to home builders who build housing in a targeted price range to attract a certain income of a customer who appears magically to buy a house.  They vary the plan to target different levels of income of customers. There are fewer high price housing, lots of lower price housing.  But the higher price customer doesn't want to mix his money in with a lower price housing because it will lose value.  So they have to be careful about what they build or they won't be able to sell the expensive property.   Eventually the streets, parks are deeded back to the city by the developer and he finishes and moves on.  Finds another acreage of rural land to develop, buys it up, starts over.

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    Usually a large plot of land owned by a few that is developed at the same time.

    They decide what the houses will look like and the street pattern.

    The government just approves the plan or does not.

    They can and do add certain specifications. Things like providing space for parks schools and other public facilities.-

    Building/fire codes for things like spacing between dwellings minimum size, street width , utility service etc.

    Suburbs may look perfect but they have many issues and change over the decades. It is about a fifty year planing cycle as the residents age out be they a small child going from kindergarten to University an Adult raising a family and then retiring. the needs of the suburb change over time some do a good job of keeping up most do not.a few decades after they are built.

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