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If henric VIII cut off the head of Ann Boleyn ,how did the others divorce,and from what years was a divorce registered with official papers ?


How did  the other people divorce before and after Henric and across europe ?

According to bible the divirce means that one  of the two must write. paper and give to the other.

I suppose if necessary or as an official papee to show to others that they broke up that they can remarry otherwise they could not be believed ?

Eg.Moses wife was egiptian. I was raped by a part greek spy and i have divorced  2003 first,i didn tknow that the mariage was laicist and a sort of american criminal sect 

Update 2:

Here people don t know that the mariage is laicist it was a dictatorship since 45 after king s abdication ,we haven t been anounced that there are such laicist  states and such laicist mariages ,i have discovered recently that there was an oponent against comunism into my family at king and a Praefectus of the county as the last  king was from German empire he came fir the unification of the three countries ,by then only two of them were recently unified in 1862 since 1600 first time all three .

Update 3:

I have been raped in 1994 after a genocide in 1989 by a part greek spy while i had no idea that the mariage is laicist and the state is laicist and most of the people do not know sich a thing .

Until 19 th century it was a kind of medieval age we didn t have Courts of justice and i am tortured by a Court set by masons here i didn t receive the divorcw i made the complaint for rape 5 years ago and the ex husband didn t came at trial 

They told the rape was in 1994 and prescribed .the punishment.

Update 4:

Meaning the code has anulated the punishment for rape while they didn t made 

Update 5:

Any inquirments over the crime the rapist wasn t called to come and the mariage wasn t anulated .

I lost memory since taoe and i was already having memory problems before rape as i was sexually abused by astep father i was living terrified and the laicist state is a satanic sect with juridical codes without malong any juridical research while they declare mariages .more information is received by an owner at an interview or cv for employment 

Update 6:

I lost memory since rape and from before ..being abused at 5 years and the authorities didn t make any juridical research is the mariage was valid or nule while they declared i don t kniw what..they declared. I was insulted all the time and i discovered last year the rapist was a greek spy .

The Court said the divorce is a civil case not a penal case while a rape caused the mariage while being uncounsciouss also because of an university campus that might have drugged me as there was a genocid

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    Henry VIII was a dictator basically and in his time divorce was a religious matter. But he also made himself the lead of the Church of England (that he invented solely to be able to divorce Catherine of Aragon). So divorcing Anne would have been easy. Instead he decided to make himself a widower by having her executed. He did go on to annul his marriage to Anne of Cleves, again by being the head of the church. 

  • Anonymous
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    Again, please quote the Bible on this.

    I'm sorry your marriage wasn't anulated.  I'm sorry you lost your memory.  I'm sorry you were raped by your parents, step parents, the Clergy, your husband, the Police and strangers and University personnel.

    BINGO!  Divorce is a civil matter, not a criminal matter.  You are correct.

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    This is too much of that one. You slightly resemble an ape.

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    There were paper documents in Tudor times in England and the ancient Egyptians had a form of paper.

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