how come black and brown cultures are so emotional expressive, while white and asian folks are emotional restrained ?

black people like being loud in publc and expressive. they always argue about everything. they are musical. they love to dance and play music and move. hip hop is highly expressive and shows hard masculinity. 

they are athletic and black guys in the nba are always gified in movement in the game 

black people dance involve booty shakes, heavy rhythm. they just seem very expressive. 

brown people like on latin america are known to have their own latin dances with a lot of movement and flow. if you watch their dramas they show a lot of passion since hispanics are passionate lovers. they always have loud parties and mariachis involving women dancing and shaking their butts. they are loud in public as well 

white people tend to be straight and boring. traditional white people music is square dance and waltz which is boring and little movement. white culture doesn't involve a lot of emotional expression since it is seen as weakness. in europe, the more northern you go the least expressive a person is. white people sex is also very private and sex culture is quite flat and bland 

sian people are the same as whites, yet they are even more robotic. asian music and dance is very static and not much movement. asian culture also respect emotional restraint. if you go to japan everyone is quiet and nobody really starts any arguement or loud talking. asian culture doesn't involve loud parties or dancing. they are very robotic culture since they are more into electronics and computers 

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You're confusing liberals with conservatives. Conservatives are boring because they object culture and diversity, because it's self expression. Culture and diversity is liberal. Conservatives only center themselves around religion and family. That's why conservatives are usually judgemental and many times racist. Close-minded people are very religious and boring

  • 2 months ago

    People that are emotionall out of control have very weak minds in my opinion. I don't think what you uggest is true of all people of color however. It has nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with how and whom one is raised. Here is a clue though. Women are more emotional then men.

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