Is it worth it to restore a 1982 coachmen travel trailer?

When my dad died, included in his estate is a 26 foot bumper pull coachmen, I believe it’s a 1982 year. I found out my dad wanted me to have it. When it was parked at the family farm about 10 years ago, it needed work on the water lines, new carpet, a board on the floor was weak, and it’s had hail damage, but the propane system, and everything else inside was still functional, and no broken windows. I’m certain it needs new tires after sitting so long, and, until I can go look, not sure if mice have found a way in.

I’m considering fixing it back up to use on camping trips to nearby places, not needing to go long distances 


What I last knew, it had no water leaks, and won’t know about mice until I look at it. I am figuring the furthest I will go with it is 100 miles away

Update 2:

I’m not needing luxury, but need a bed to sleep on.  I’ve got a vehicle that is fully capable of hauling it

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Restoring it? Not really unless you are into doing that for sentimental reasons. Making it functional? Yes.It's worth it, even if to just make it more saleable.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Sell it and get a newer trailer.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It depends on what your expectations are. 

    If it has water leaks and mice damage, no.. throw a match to it. 

    If it doesn’t have all of those and you just want to dry camp on short distances.. why not. ?? It beats tenting. 

    If you want to have everything work it might take a lot of money and time to get it and keep it working. Expect frequent problems. 

    Also.. if you don’t have a vehicle that can pull this (even a 1/2 ton truck is marginal because these old trailers were heavy and get heavier with age due to dust, dirt, repairs, etc) then don’t buy one just to tow this. Even a ten year old trailer is fairly cheap and a lot lighter 

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