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A cyclist  cycled towards me wearing a mask.?

I could not see his face properly, so am concerned he may up to no good. He was cycling quite fast so perhaps escaping something? what would you do?

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    Was he carrying a wheel?

  • 1 month ago

    The new NORM. Get use to it. 

    coronavirus has changed many things.

    Wearing a mask does not mean trouble. But can create anxiety, paranoia.

    If it were an police officer in uniform would you still be worried?

  • 2 months ago

    I guess Land Rider Jerry didn't hear or read about those two kids who died as a result from running & wearing a mask.  Or the jogger who ended up with a collapsed lung while wearing a mask.

    You won't find me wearing a mask while cycling.  Inhibits breathing.  Inside a store or business...yes.  Outside exercising...nope.   

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    There's a Covid-19 pandemic happening right now; everybody is advised to wear a mask while outside.  Some places even require it.


    I guess RaleighBob didn't really comprehend what I was saying.  I'm not for or against cyclist wearing mask due to the pandemic. Simply stating the facts people have been told to wear them while out in public.  Some places are even requiring it and yes one can even see cyclist wearing them because they choose to do so.

    My answer was so the anonymous poster who suffers from paranoia is aware of why cyclist have mask on. It wasn't about whether they should or shouldn't be wearing a one.

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  • 2 months ago for your life!  Jason is loose again. 😨  

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