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Depressed while pregnant?

My mother has been sectioned at a mental institution and I’ve been crying the past few days. Today was mine and my partners anniversary and my in laws took us out but i was so miserable i didn’t even want to go, my in laws don’t know about my mom and i’d rather not speak to them about it. The entire day I tried my best to hold back tears not only because of the situation with my mom but because I felt so left out with his family. I’m worried me being down will affect my baby, I’d only feel better knowing my mom is well and at home so right now it’s hard for me to stay positive. 

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    Part of becoming an adult and having a family of your own is learning how to manage relationships with other people... like your own parents. It can be devastating to have a parent with mental illness, I do understand, my dad lost his battle with mental illness several years ago. However, when you are responsible for a child of your own, you've got to be able to function no matter what else is happening around you. Part of that is giving yourself time and space to grieve and to feel what you are feeling rather than trying to stuff it down. Find someone to talk to that you can let those tears go with, a counselor... or friend... your husband... even calling a warmline if necessary. The baby will be fine. 

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