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Americans, how is this even possible? 23 years for a petty crime and no end in sight?

The Louisiana Supreme Court last week denied a request to review a life sentence handed down to Fair Wayne Bryant, a man convicted to life in prison for trying to steal hedge clippers from a carport storage room in Caddo Parish, LA, in 1997.

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    He was convicted of burglary of an inhabited dwelling. This followed three other convictions, including an attempted armed robbery.

    When considering stuff you read, you need to take in the whole context of the story. It wasn't just trying to steal hedge clippers.

    If he didn't have that prior conviction for attempted armed robbery, he probably would have spent a whole lot less time in prison. The time he spent in prison following that conviction wasn't enough to convince him to go straight. Neither did any of the other convictions following that. Eventually the system just gets exhausted giving people 2nd chances.

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    It was under a habitual offender statue at the time.  

  • 2 months ago

    Because he was convicted under the habitual offender law.

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