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Does a mask protect me from the coronavirus if no one else around me is wearing one?

I work at a place where no one wears one but me.   The boss, well he’s a good man, is very arrogant and I think part of that makes him think the virus will never affect him. Does this despite having a daughter who I know is high risk though she does not work there.  

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    My work place doesn't wear them either, we practice physical distancing, good hand hygiene and no one has gotten sick from covid. 

    Some people are ignorant (I would say he's more ignorant then arrogant), or they think covid 19 is a hoax. If he's doing what he can to help prevent himself from getting it then he shouldn't get it. 

    Masks can help, as can practicing physical distancing even while wearing a mask. Usually masks should be worn if it's mandatory,or if physical distancing will be a challenge. 

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    The masks are better at stopping the spread from an infected person to others. But they do offer some protection from breathing in the virus, just nowhere near 100%.

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