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I'm still not sure I understand the iron chariot thing. Why was God unable to attack iron chariots?

Also, would my 2006 Toyota Camry qualify as an iron chariot?


Hunter, the Israelites had God on their side, correct? Therefore, one assumes he was winning their battles for them. Yet they couldn't drive out the iron chariots.

Update 2:

@Puddytat, that part of the Bible says God was with them, and strongly implies he was winning their battles for them.

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    Some apologists say that God was punishing the Israelites , I have forgotten, letting them be beaten for a misdemeanor. If that was so, why is the iron specifically mentioned? Maybe the new material was considered so magical that the people of that time thought it could deter gods, just as it was thought to repel other supernatural beings. 

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    They don't make toyotas like they used too.

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    In the book fo Judges, God told the Israelites to go down and conqueror the Philistines.  However because they had chariots the Israelites never did what god told them.  They were afraid.  Had they obeyed God they would have won.  God was not stopped by "iron chariots".  He was stopped by the people refusing to do what he told them.  That happens all through the Bible and still happens today.

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    I'm not sure either but 

    No bibel-God ever stopped a chariot.


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    Iron seems to be the Kryptonite of the Jehovah family.  Pops was defeated by iron chariots and junior was crucified with iron nails.


    I wonder if steel is better or worse for them?

  • It wasn't God it was the Tribe of Judah

    Lord...a 14 year old Camry driver

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    I'm not sure what you're talking about, do you mean the verse where the Israelites were unable to drive out the iron chariots?

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