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How do you start weight loss for men?

I'm 6'0 and 370. Where do I start. I have gym membership as of today. I just want to know where do I start and what kind of diet would work well for me?

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    You start with your diet.  Download an app like Lose It! or MyFitness Pal and log everything that you consume.  Weight and measure your portions. 

    You have to decide what changes you are willing to make and maintain.  For example, a keto diet is very effective and healthy, but you have to give up grains.  If you refuse to give up bread, cereal, pasta, rice, corn, sweets, juice, etc., then you aren't ready for keto.  

    The truth about weight loss is a combination of 3 things:

    1. Creating a daily calorie deficit.

    2. Feeling full and satisfied so you can keep the calorie deficit going.

    3. Improving the nutritional value of the foods you consume so that you are fueling your body and brain adequately in a calorie deficit.

    You should probably consume between 1500 and 200 calories a day.  You can find and follow any number of healthy eating plans by googling "1500 calorie a day diet." Then you need to figure out which eating plan will work for you based on your budget, food preferences, hunger issues, and cooking skills.  Generally, you want to fill up on low-calorie/high-nutrient vegetables, get a couple of 4-ounce servings of quality protein per day, and get enough fat to make you feel satisfied and provide the essential fatty acids your brain and cells need. 





    At some point you need to deal with the reasons you've been eating enough to be 200 pounds overweight.  You have probably been using food the way other people use drugs or alcohol to deal with emotions.  There are books on emotional eating and you may want to look at getting some counseling.  The point is, you have to learn to look at food as fuel and find healthier ways to deal with stress -- like exercise.

    If your gym offers trainers or a training class, take it.  You need to learn how to use the equipment safely.  Start small.  Focus on form not on speed or weight or reps.  

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    I'd start with walking on a treadmill and some light weight work .  Any diet that puts you at a calorie deficit will work.

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    Make a lifestyle change. 80% of fat loss is about what you eat, so that’s more important than exercise. Any "diet" you go on may help you lose some weight but you'll tend to gain it back if you go back to your previous ways. Unhealthy diets also can cause weight loss of tissue other than fat (such as muscle, especially if your calorie intake is too low). Use a calculator like this one https://www.freedieting.com/calorie-calculator to determine about what your calorie intake should be. You can lose UP TO 3 lbs per week in a healthy manner, but 1 - 2 lbs is much more doable and easier to maintain long term. Remember that as your activity level and/or your weight changes, your calorie needs change too. So, check the calculator as your weight goes down or your activity goes up or down, so you continue to consume calories at a level that will help induce fat loss.


    Eat a healthy well-balanced diet at least 80% of the time...keep junk food, fast food, sweets, sodas, etc to a bare minimum (the occasional treat if you feel the need). Avoid as much processed food as you can. Focus on lean protein, fruits and veggies, complex carbs, healthy fats and and plenty of water. Keep your calories at a healthy level when working to lose fat. Cardio exercise is ideal for burning some extra calories, but strength training builds muscle which speeds the metabolism, so both are great.


    When you reach your goal, simply modify your calorie intake and/or exercise to allow you to maintain your weight instead of continuing to lose.

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    My husband is 6'1'' and was 320 lbs. at his heaviest. He started Keto a year and a half ago and is now 235 lbs. Didn't really work out at all, but he has a very active job. 

    No matter what you do, you have to start small, with small goals and small victories. Don't think about your "new body" 6 months from now. Think about that 5-8 pounds one month from now. That will give you MORE motivation to keep going, rather than assuming you're going to lose 60 pounds in 6 months. If you don't meet your BIG GOAL, you'll be more inclined to give up. This is weight loss 101, honestly. Don't set yourself up to fail. Just give yourself a small goal of say, 20 pounds in 2 months or something. Much more attainable. 

    You can look into Keto. It's very good for losing weight (I lost 35 pounds on it myself), but it's not sustainable. A well rounded diet would be ample fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and good, wholesome ONE INGREDIENT foods. It may take a week or two to get your taste buds used to good food, food that hasn't been processed or sweetened or filled with chemicals and garbage. But you can do it. If you like soda, switch to plain carbonated water and add some fruit. If you like chocolate ice cream, switch to dark chocolate with some fruit as a dessert. You have to get used to quality food. The cravings for garbage WILL PASS, I can tell you that much. Before you know it, you won't even want fast food or a quick fix anymore. 

    Starting losing weight is about 80% diet, 20% moving more. It all starts with what you put in your mouth. I don't exercise at all really, not like scheduled workouts or lifting or anything other than walking my dog. I walk him 45 minutes a day and I have maintained my weight loss. What I do is eat better, and have been for the last year and a half. You start cooking at home, meal plan, buying quality ingredients, cut out fast food, booze, and soda, and you'd be amazed at how much you'll drop in the first month or two. Seriously. 

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