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How good were the Narnia movies, and how good were they at staying true to the books?

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  • Linda
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    2 months ago
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    The books were better in my opinion but the movies were also well put together and although they didn't stick to the story as well as they could have, they still were very good!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I liked them. But…


    As movies they kinda …


    If you watched them without context… they were just… so-so movies.

    The first one was the best, and the best at sticking to only things that were sound in-world activities. No romances between characters that barely even met in the books.

    And cinematically… well…

    They were forgettable.

    I honestly have to struggle to remember a single feature of those films that stands out, besides the forced romance. Maybe the White witch?

    It wasn't a BAD adaptation… but I'm also rather hoping we get a better one. There were some particularly creepy ones from earlier decades that get the story better… and make Aslan the stuff of nightmares.

    But I will keep praying that someone with a better directorial flare, and an actual LOVE for those books gives it another go. Although… .maybe not the seventh book. That one gets a LOT too preachy for regular cinema. And Maybe Magicians Nephew as well. Although, it would make a good prequel once we have some great ones of the rest.

    If you are the type to read a book and then rage about any little details they changed for the movie… you won't like them.

    But if you just like to see different adaptations… you might enjoy them fine. They aren't especially wasted time. But they don't make you come out feeling improved in any way either.

    And I gotta warn you. My impression was that they took the clear Christian themes from the books and made them even more preachy. Instead of trusting the story to take you there.

    I might rather prefer if an a-religious fan made them next time. Not atheist. A-religious. Meaning, someone who has no religions because they've never studied any. As opposed to atheists who have studied them and don't respect them.

    I think that these books could do with a little less… Christian messaging and a little more, pure storytelling.

    Christian movies these days can't seem to tell a story without slamming the moral into your brain by force.. watch God's not Dead if you don't believe me. It's gross. You can have a message without having a “MESSAGE” that has to be made 100% irrefutably clear. Leave some room for people to come to it on their own after enjoying a good flick.


    That's one of my few pet peeves. When people give a great movie with a clear moral… and then slam your head into that moral just to make sure you get it. Like On deadly Ground or Happy Feet. Or even Volcano.

    The Chronicles of Narnia movies aren't THAT bad. But they do make the “moral” more obvious than the books do… and the books make it pretty obvious.

  • Olive
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    2 months ago

    Never read the books but the movies are very good

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