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Is it true? Trump tried to lock NYC down to contain CV19 but Cuomo blasted him as trying to be a dictator?

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    3 months ago

    Bullshït. First of all, NY City wasn't the epicenter initially. It was New York AND Seattle, thanks to the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Those passengers were allowed to disembark at Trump's insistence and no testing or quarantine period was required. Also Trump's so-called travel ban only applied to Chinese citizens, not ALL travelers. After his ban, more than 43,000 people flew to the USA from China. Those two monumental errors virtually guarnteed Covid19 a foothold in the US and Trump was directly responsible.

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    3 months ago

    That never happened. Trump still refuses to even wear a mask. He fired the pandemic team, won't let real medical experts speak and tried to make the governors handle everything instead of providing a national response thinking that they could just blame blue state governors. Except now it's in red states. There is still no national test. It takes 7-10 days to get results. The president pushed not only a completely ineffective drug that he had a small financial stake in but one that can actually give you a heart attack. Stop getting your news from Faux News - that has to call themselves "entertainment news" because they are the real fake news and they edit out anything that could make agent orange look as inept as he actually is. Highly recommend you watch the Jonathan Swan interview on Axios shown on HBO on 8/3/20. It's all over the internet. Trump is a bumbling fool. A "c" student at best and his father had to pay to get him into school. He's a reality tv host and he is a danger to democracy as well as to the public health.

  • 3 months ago

    Yes, that actually did happen.

    Cuomo also told the FL Gov that it was illegal for him to shut down FL, then later he shut down NYC.

    The media never exposed the hypocrite.

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