what is this giltch in my pokemon game?

hi guys, my friend gave me his copy of pokemon soulsilver and I played the game but when I saw the sprite the flame element one (cinderquil) was colored differently as it wad brown instead of blue so i asked him. he told me it was a color palet glitch and I should turn my ds off. so i did and i looked it up on the internet and some guy mentoined  shiney pokemon but he said the sparkles apprear but this one had no sparkles pls explain and wat is shiney

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  • 2 months ago
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    From what I've heard, every pokemon has a very small chance to be a shiny pokemon which means they just have a special color palette. Some people obsess over this and play for hundreds of hours trying to get shines, I dont think I've ever had one ever personally.

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