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What, if any, are the downfalls of the following?

A small furniture store where I live is offering an all leather brown sofa that seats three and a leather chair in the same color. They both are used but look clean and have no tears. The sofa has a Marshall Fields logo on it.

They look in good condition and will be delivered where I live in town (three miles away) for all together 450 dollars. Only 350 if I just want the sofa. Includes taxes, delivery and no other charges.

I really do need one and it seems to me to be a good deal.

Any thoughts?

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    if it seems to be a good deal to you, and you like them, and its at a price point that works, then get them.

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    Bed bugs.

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    The downside is if they're knock offs with bad quality.  Make sure you understand the warranty and that shouldn't be a problem though.

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