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Cespedes and the Mets; A NYComedy?

The Mets traded a couple of minor league pitchers to acquire Yoenis Cespedes at the 2015 trade deadline.

Despite playing a key role in the Mets World Series loss to Kansas City, the team decided to offer Cespedes a 3 year/$75M deal for 2016 with an opt-out clause after the first season.

After playing just 132 games in 2016 Cespedes opted out of the contract he signed just 10 months earlier.

The Mets then gave Cespedes a 4 year/$110M deal.

In the 4 years since signing that contract Cespedes has played just 127 games, which works out to about $633K a game.

The Mets filed a grievance after Cespedes missed the 2019 season because he fractured his ankle while working on his ranch, and he lost $7M as a result.

Three days ago Cespedes bailed on the team and then claimed that he was opting out of the season because of the pandemic.

Two questions:

Should the Mets sue Cespedes for breach of contract since he left the team before informing them that he was opting out of the season?

Is there any GM in MLB who will risk giving this waste of a life a contract for next season?

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    Not likely a breach of contract.  The difference in timing between when he "left" and when he notified is immaterial.  It could be argued in a court as a timing difference.  No team will likely be interested in him going forward.  Yoenis will be 35 in October, which is the backside of anyone's baseball career.  Combine that with his erratic play and erratic behavior and that spells the end of his time in MLB. 

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    He's got a multi million dollar bat, but a 10 cent head. 

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    yes. he went awol on a drug and Hoe thang and bailed, LOL!

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    Yes, Ths has been a total disaster for the Mets since the beginning.

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    First question.  waste of time and money. I'm sure Cespedes and his agents could somehow show it was a miscommunication even if it truly wasn't.  the only ones to make miney here are the lawyers.  so no.

    Second question.  if he can show he can still hit someone will take a chance.  I wouldn't but someone will

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