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Is my co worker correct?

I work in an urgent care clinic.   Last night an older gentleman was brought in by his daughter needing emergency care.    The mans Son then arrived with his young daughter.  She was seven or eight years old and in a real short babydoll type nightgown.  Very cute even tho her white nylon underpants fully showed.   My co worker made fun of the Father for rushing out the door with his daughter not dressed

The little girl then was misbehaving while Daddy was in with Grandpa.   The waiting was empty.  She then got put flat over Daddys lap and lightly spanked for like a minute.

My co worker again made fun of the little girls nightgown and panty     Is he correct that Dad should not have rushed out with her in her nightie?

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    PEDO troll with a SPANKING FETISH.


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