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What are so many tons of material used in the port of Beirut used, among other things, to make bombs?

It seems that there was a huge amount of this material that someone brought to the country. Seized. Very dangerous. 2750 tons

They use it as fertilizer but if I am not mistaken in the preparation of bombs, I imagine the first Islamic attack on the twin towers in 1993, or the AMIA 1994 attack carried out in Buenos Aires by the Lebanese of Hezbollah, the Syrian government and the government Iranian (precisely the allies of one side in the Syrian civil war of recent years).

"The religion of peace" probably requires a lot of material for war.



Lebanon can be considered as a country occupied by Iran. Those tons of material came from Russia in 2005.

The disaster began with the reception of Palestinian refugees in solidarity. They continue as refugees in various countries neighboring Israel after 7 decades.

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    It was reportedly cargo on a Russian ship and stupidly seized and stored in a warehouse. Beirut was not the final destination and the intended purpose was never disclosed as the owner quietly abandoned the ship, cargo and crew years ago according to the story in The Week.

  • Rick
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    2 months ago

    It was stored for YEARS there, right along with ammunition and fireworks, a disaster waiting to happen .................

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