Longest rivers in Asia?

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    Yangtze Kiang in China the longest river in Asia.

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    The three longest rivers in Asia are,

    1, Yangtze. ( in China ).

    2. Yenisei ( 97 percent in Russia and 3 percent in Mongolia).

    3. Yellow, aka Huang He. ( in China)

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    Take you pick from

     1 Yangtze (Cháng Jiāng)[1] China 6,300km. 3,915miles 2 Yellow River (Huang He)[1] China 5,464 3,3953 Mekong[1] China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam 4,909 3,0504 Lena River (Лена)[2] Russia 4,294 2,6685 Irtysh River (Иртыш)[3] Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Russia 4,248 2,6406 Brahmaputra River[1] China, India, Bangladesh 3,848 2,3917 Ob River (Обь)[4] Russia 3,650 2,2688 Indus River (Sindh)[1] China, India, Pakistan 3,610 2,2439 Yenisei River (Енисей)[5] Mongolia, Russia 3,487 2,167

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    A river is a stream of water that flows through a channel in a surface of the ground. The passage in which the river flows is called the river bed and the earth on each side is called a riverbank.

    Rivers are nourished by precipitation, by direct overland runoff, through springs and seepages, or from meltwater at the edges of snowfields and glaciers. The contribution of direct precipitation on the water surface is usually minute, except where much of a catchment area is occupied by lakes. River water losses result from seepage and percolation into shallow or deep aquifers and particularly from evaporation. The difference between the water input and loss of sustains surface discharge or streamflow. The amount of water in river systems at any time is but a tiny fraction of the Earth’s total water; 97 percent of all water is contained in the oceans and about three-quarters of freshwater is stored as land ice; nearly all the remainder occurs as groundwater. Lakes hold less than 0.5 percent of all freshwater, soil moisture accounts for about 0.05 percent, and water in river channels for roughly half as much, 0.025 percent, which represents only about one four-thousandth of the Earth’s total freshwater.

    List of longest rivers in Asia

    1.The Yangtze River

    2. The Yellow River

    3. Mekong River

    4. Lena River

    5. Irtysh River

    To know more visit the site- https://theqna.org/longest-rivers-of-asia/

    Source(s): The Qna
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    The Yangtze...................

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