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Me and this guy started talking the 21st of July. We started dating the 30th. When he asked to make it official i was hesitant and then expressed all my worries. That he was going to lose interest, we were moving too fast, he was going to change after we started dating, and all this stuff. But he sent me a cute text saying that he doesn't date just to date and he won't change and he feels like im the one and whatever so I was like okay. Everything seemed perfect. He was constantly sweet and we would ugly laugh and play video games and cuddle a lot. Sunday was the last day we spent time with each other. Idk if its relevant but I touched his private part for the first time. I'm a virgin and he said he is too. We didn't do anything. I was just touching and seeing one for the first time. Now Monday night I asked why he doesn't want to video chat anymore then right there out of the blue he tells me that he doesnt think we should have ever started dating and hes regretted it and that its 100% him not me. That he would love to still be friends. I kept myself contained for the most part and ended it with welp. Guess thats that then. Night. Then he called himself a bunch of names and then said goodnight. Then the next morning he said I dont expect you to answer but howd I sleep. Ive been ignoring him and deleted him off of everything. Yesterday he saw I was on my xbox and texted me this. 

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  • 2 months ago

    I may know what's wrong, but I'm not entirely sure. It may be change. For the longest time i acted the same way because i was scared of changes. At first I was all for it, then i get what I wanted, then the fear if change set in. I'd ghost girls or break it off. I eventually realized how toxic it was and how much im hurting others and myself. I just had to face my fears and keep going with it. My guess would be he's going through something similar. If he's a virgin, it would make a lot of sense. My advice would be not to pursue him romantically. Coming from a guy that acted this way alot. I had a lot of mental problems that no girl should have to deal with. 

  • 2 months ago

    He sounds like a mental case to me.

  • 2 months ago

    Maybe he felt it was too fast? He got nervous? Maybe he's not a virgin and began to feel bad about lying? 

    Honestly, we can't answer why...and you are ignoring the only person that can. If you really like him and you feel like the relationship I'd worth salvaging, then talk to him. If it's not worth it or if this feels like the beginning of mental manipulation/abuse then keep on stepping. 

  • 2 months ago


    Im guessing he is feeling guilty and wants me to make him feel like what he did is okay. I once again ignored his text. I don't understand why he is asking to start over and switching up his wording that he doesn't want to be my bf right now. Its almost like he's trying to give me false hope so he doesn't seem like that bad guy. I don't understand why he led me on in the first place after him being the one to push for it. He broke up with me because he isn't ready for a relationship. Said that he thought it was a phase. Like what is that even supposed to mean? 

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