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What are differences between children's makeup and women's makeup? They both look same then what in them make 1 safe for kids & other isn't ?

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  • 2 months ago

    Kids makeup is for costume play and not everyday. The colors are either sheer and natural to bright and crayon-like. They must be entirely of non toxic ingredients, colors are food safe, non staining on fabric  and must be completely washable with simple soap and water. It's for fun, not fashion. Kids shouldn't wear makeup at all unless it's part of play.

    There are government regulatory groups that set the requirements for anything sold to children and these requirements are not the same as products aimed at adults. Makeup and cosmetics sold to children are considered toys and are subjected to the rules regarding toys.  Anything sold as children's must meet these strict requirements regarding safety and toxicity. This regulatory group has the authority to remove anything and everything from stores if they deem it unsafe: from clothes with drawstrings to a toy with sharp edges to play makeup with sparkles that scrape skin can can and will be removed from stores.Women's makeup is sold as cosmetixa, not toys. This difference is crucial in safety regulations. or women's makeup theres a wider color range, many products do not wash off with water, they can use raw materials that are not 100% food grade and non toxic.  They are subjected to the same safety rules. They must meet FDA rules rather than ASTM F963 which regulates toys.

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