ladies and guys, am i a jealous person?

i'm limited in my love life experience, just got out of a very long term relationship, my 1st and  i'm about to  turn 28, i almost went to a hospital from panic attacks and almost lost my job from our break up she put me in a place that i never want to go back to... with that said, i  am very limited with my relationship experiences, i could be a player but it's not me, i don't want hook ups, as weird as that may sound i have only just been interested in finding my one special person, anyhow to get to my point, do you guys on yahoo answers think it's okay for your partner male or female to be friends with the opposite sex? is it okay for them to be friends with an ex and is it okay for them to be friends with someone who they had sex with but they never had a relationship with?  as i  find myself getting into something again finally, i  know what to expect  from my last girl and i wonder what's right and wrong, i guess i'll feel bad if she ever did anythign sexual with a guy but if she did not and it's a guy i'm okay with them being friends, does that sound right?

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  • 2 months ago
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    I’m also limited in my love life experience. My gf and I have been together for 3 years, but she’s the first and only person I’ve ever dated or had sex with. We’re a lesbian couple, so idk if you can relate.

    As far as being friends with someone of the sex they’re attracted to, I don’t mind if she’s friends with other girls. I know it can be hard to not get jealous, but as long as her friends have not given me a reason to believe they would interfere with our relationship, I’m fine with them. As far as exes, I think it depends on the ex. My gf has an ex that we’ve hung out with a couple types and I love this chick. I relate to her so much and we have fun every time we get together. However, there are definitely exes I wouldn’t be ok with her being friends with. As far as people they’ve had sex with, but never dated, I’m completely against it. There has only been one person recently that my gf slept with that she didn’t date and I hate the *****. Even though she met me and knew my gf and I were together, she still tried to hit on my gf. I shut that down immediately because I don’t think it’s ok to have friends that don’t respect your relationship. I’ve found that sexual partners that weren’t romantic usually don’t respect the relationship because they are obviously attracted to the person (that’s why they slept with them in the first place) and have no reason to care about you or your feelings. Obviously that’s not always the case, but I’ve found that it’s pretty common. I don’t need someone who claims to be a “friend” trying to slip in and steal my gf. She can definitely find better friends that will be respectful.

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