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What is the maximum amount of abortions  a woman can have in a lifetime?

I just want to know because I am not on birth control and my partner does not wear condoms and I don’t care because it feels better without one. I don’t want to get pregnant but I’m hooked on him. I don’t want to take birth control because of the side effects so it’s just easier that way but I don’t want to seriously injure myself having all these procedures done

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    When done safely by someone qualified, a woman may have as many abortions as she has pregnancies.  Over the long run repeated surgical abortions will increase her odds of a condition called Asherman's syndrome, in which adhesions form in the uterus.  This is not a "serious injury" in that the woman won't die or be made severely  but can ultimately cause infertility or obstetric complications should she decide to attempt to carry a pregnancy to term.

    Asherman's syndrome is not a punishment for abortion.  Women who desperately want to become mothers but keep having incomplete natural miscarriages requiring D&Cs get it.  Women who have repeated medication abortions... don't.

    You're not as clever a troll as you think you are.

  • Anonymous
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    I call absolute BS on this one.  You are just here to stir up trouble.  No woman whose ever undergone this procedure has walked out of it saying "this is something I want to repeat".  Additionally, it is very restrictive due to cost, it costs far more $$ than the average person can afford to have multiple procedures done.  Health wise it also takes a physical toll on a So, you have epicly failed to convince me that you are anything but a pathetic troll with bad intent.  Troll smarter next time!

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    You're going to make a terrific parent!👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👧‍👦

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