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The Rainforest is doing fine right?

Nothing bad is happening and it did not disappear like predictions said it would. 

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    Wrong. The forest is being burned. The trouble started when the capital was moved to Brasilias, a move designed to spur development of the interior. Not only were trees removed to make room for business, offices, and housing, the ranchers were encouraged to open it up to raise beef. Their method was uncontrolled forest fire. While it is terrible to have a country devastated by COVID-19, I find it karmic that the two worst-hit countries are ones that have elected ignorant, incompetent presidents.

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    Where have you bin living? Haven't you heard any news or news articles?

  • John P
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    Doing fine except for those large areas where it has been cut down and is being cut down at this very moment. Even the best efforts of rapacious mankind could not make it disappear overnight.  But it will disappear if the cutting is not stopped.

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    Rainforests are threatened by climate change, which is contributing to droughts in parts of the Amazon and Southeast Asia. Drought causes die-offs of trees and dries out leaf litter, increasing the risk of forest fires, which are often set by land developers, ranchers, plantation owners, speculators, and loggers

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  • 3 months ago

    Thousands of acres are being cut down every week.

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