Census knocking at my door?

Hey, so something I thought was kind of odd was the Census knocking at the door. Let me start by first I already completed my 2020 Census 4 months ago or longer, when they came to the door, my Dad answered the door and they asked for me, the head of the household which I am not. Im just 19 years old living with my parents lol. So that was odd, my dad asked for proof, ID, business card to verify, and she said she couldnt. Ok then, so how do we know who we are talking to exactly, Im not going to give out personal information to someone I dont know. Also, are they suppose to be in government official vehicles or have a government license plate? There was 2 of them in a 2008-2011 nissan altima with a spoiler wing. She said she needed to know how many people were living in the house ect, like the questions they asked in the Census which I already completed online months ago. I also find it weird that they didnt send a letter, email, or phone call stating that someone would come out, SO I KNOW. They came 2 days in a row already when I wasnt home because I work weekdays 8-10 hrs a day. Any clarification could help. I'll also try to call the Census Bureau.


The Census, I did it with my Dad since he's not really good at english and not good with technology. 

Update 2:

Ive already completes the Census months ago

Update 3:

Also they didnt want to show ID badge

Update 4:

Well, they didnt want to provide... also they wanted to speak to the head of the household which they asked for me and also which I am not the head of the house. 

Update 5:

Well, they didnt want to provide... also they wanted to speak to the head of the household which they asked for me and also which I am not the head of the house. 

Update 6:

Is it also common for them to show up as pairs?

Update 7:

I dont understand why they keep coming back unless they need to send someone else who can speak a certain language needed. I speak english fine, but for some reason they wanted to talk to me only. They came twice in a row already. Today might be the third. Im not the head of house or anything, just a 19 year old living with his parents. 

Update 8:

I called census earlier and they werent able to tell me why they wanted to speak to me only. When they came to my door they wanted to speak to me about how many people were living in the house, like the questions they asked on the survey, which we already did. Even if they were legit, why would I need to answer to them twice? That survey took hours to do since I got a big houshold.

Update 9:

And yes I also do have proof that its been submitted, I took screenshots good thing.

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    That wasn't the census.

    All census workers who knock on doors have a valid ID badge with their photograph, a U.S. Department of Commerce watermark, and an expiration date.

    The way that you know is that you ask to see their ID, and if they don't show one, or they show one that doesn't have all of the things listed above, then they are not a census workers.

    Not showing an ID when asked means that they are not census workers.

    Also, real census workers don't need to speak to the head of the household or any other specific individual. They simply get the information from whomever is home.

    Finally, if they can't get the information on the first visit because no one with the information is there, then they leave a notice of their visit with information about how to respond online, by phone or by mail, so that they don't have to come back.

    The only reason that there would be a need for a return visit is if there is someone home, but that person doesn't speak English. In that situation, the census will send ANOTHER census worker who speaks the language of the person in the home; they do not send the same person a second time.

    Tell everyone in your household to call the police the next time she comes.

  • 2 months ago

    These are regular people employed by the government for a short-term job. They do not work directly for the government and are not issued government vehicles.

    US Census is now using the door-to-door method for those who did not respond to the surveys that were mailed out.

    What did these people say when you told them you completed the survey online?

    If you completed it online, you had the opportunity to save the confirmation number you were given. I just pulled mine up, I did it back in March.  If you saved that information, tell these people you have it if they show up again, and if they want to see it, they will have to show you their ID. If they refuse, tell them to leave and not come back, and if they come back, you will call the police.

    If you don't have that proof you submitted online, then you'd better call the Census Bureau.

  • 2 months ago

    Then call the Census Bureau, they'll tell you what they are doing. The census people do carry ID, together with an identifiable briefcase for their papers. They don't drive official cars, they use their own (for which they doubtless get expenses.)  They usually work in the evenings when more people are at home and I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't on her own, for her own safety.  If this one wouldn't show ID then she wasn't a genuine census checker.  

  • 2 months ago

    The census is beginning to follow up on ADDRESSES that have not responded to the initial requests for information that have been sent.

    Census eunermators do not drive government cars or carry business cards.   They will show Census ID.

    You can refuse to share your name, and birthdate if you wish.  

    They will have US census id, bags and forms to hand you.

    Source(s): 2020 census worker.
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