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does parking in gear on a hill cause anymore strain to a transmission than driving up or down a hill? if so why?

have a old Toyota truck that is nearly 30 years old now and it is a 5 speed manual and the parking brake seems like it is not repairable, it maybe works a little bit, but not much. I need to park on an incline that isn't super steep but fairly steep.   I purchased a set of (4) parking chocks and plan to use them, but i think that i will need to still put strain on the transmission since i would need to get out and put the chocks under the wheels still while the transmission or engine is holding the truck on the hill. Will it do any damage more than would if i were just driving up and down the hill ? why or not?


AGAIN, the main question is about the durability of the transmission . if it is the only thing holding the vehicle on the hill while in gear, ,,,,how does the wear and tear on that situation compare to just normal wear and tear of driving up or down a hill?

Update 2:

does it do anymore wear or tear than it would if i just drove up a hill? that is what a transmission is made to do? and hold it in place on a hill?

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    If you are parking on a steep hill and you don't use your parking brake, then your truck obviously moves, right?

    If you don't want it to move then repair the parking brake.  Maybe the cables are rusty and stuck, since your pickup is "old".  Maybe the cables need adjusting if they aren't rusted.  Or maybe you don't apply the parking brake adequately/properly. 

    Do you think that your starter doesn't "strain" every time you use it? 

    Do you think that your engine doesn't strain, every time you accelerate? 

    Do you think that your transmission doesn't strain every time you accelerate? 

    With the pickup parked, in gear, on a steep hill, everything is being strained much LESS than when operating. 

    You can use 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 tire chocks.  They will surely help prevent your pickup from slowly creeping downhill. 

    -Engine overhaul mechanic and general automotive mechanic since 1972

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    You can always just leave it in neutral, jump out and toss the chocks under the wheels before it gets rolling too fast.

    Or you can stop trolling.

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    Please try to understand this, and then give up on your constant questions about your transmission.

    The parking brake IS repairable and must be repaired.  A working parking brake is an essential safety item and because of this is a legal requirement too.  If you really don't repair it the truck must not be on the road.

    When you park  apply the brake and with the engine off put it into gear, either first or reverse will do. That's a useful backup to the brake should it fail.  You can add your chocks if it helps put your mind at rest.  When you've parked, applied the brake and put the truck into gear, just get out and place your chocks. It will cause no damage to do so.

    If you can't understand this get someone who can to explain it to you.


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    93 Toyota T100 and steep hill parking troll strikes again.

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    Sorry, the parking brake is not repairable?  In that case the car shouldn't be on the road, the parking brake is essential emergency equipment (and they're always repairable).  As for the rest of it, leave the truck in second gear and always use those chocks.  Fix the brakes.

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    nope ..........................................

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