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Should we blame 2pacs mom that hes a thug?

In his song 'Still Ballin' he says "Blame it on my momma im a thug". But then he contradicts himself in his song 'Dear Mama' when he says "She nearly gave her life, to raise me right". So who is really to blame in your opinion??  

In my opinion it is Suge Knight...After Suge Knight signed 2pac to Death Row records, Suge influenced him to dress all thugged out with baggy pants and baggy shirts, and start talking like a thug, plus hiding guns in his tube socks 🔫.

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  • Mr.412
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    It’s complicated. I think his mom did her best to raise him right but she also inspired him to be revolutionary and militant. He became a gangsta once he met Suge. 

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    She gave her life to raise him but he turned into a thug. Still doesn't mean his mom purposely raise him as such. But it happend. And I don't  completely blame his mom. Most of the blame I am guessing is suge knight. A lot of record ceos influence they way thier signed musicians dress and act. There are many reasons behind this but I don't feel like listing then all but a few heres he CEO may change the musicians image to look cool record ceos have mainly one goal in mind which is to make money. Basically they have them act in certain images so they will most likely sell thier music. If a musician has a poor or not  great image it can decrease sells. Basically they try to attract audiences and fans so they can sell music. I see this to be more popular with Rap music but it  does happen in other genres. Rap to me is great music and my favroite genre but I notice some Rappers act fake for hope of sales. 2pac in my opinion act real. I just feel like surge knight made him more of a thug. But 2 pac was kind of already a thug when he met surge knight. To be honest 2pac is my favroite Rapper of all time.

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    i dont think so

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