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How many yards should a serious fitness swimmer do?

As soon as it's safe, I want to get back into a routine of swim workouts. I mostly want to improve my fitness, and I really want to challenge myself and get my butt kicked (I'm not swimming for speed or to train for an event or anything like that). Ever since college I've been able to swim a mile with minimal rest without getting tired or out of breath. I'm thinking of eventually working up to swimming 3,000-4,000 yards per workout. For the goals I mentioned, is that too much yardage, about right or should I aim to eventually swim more than 4,000 yards each workout?

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    Swimming 4,000 yards would be a good exercise. Just start out slow/shorter distance, then work your way up. 

    If you want to save energy without actually stop swimming, then I suggest that you learn how to do the Combat Swim Stroke (it is slow though). You can save some energy and still swimming at the same time (Imagine you are running, then slow down to walk, but not completely stop). When you are not as tired anymore, then you can switch back to whatever stroke you are using. 

    When I lived in Chicago, I may only get to swim about an hour per week, because I was always busy with work. But since I retired at 40 years old and moved to Hawaii about 2 years ago, I have been swimming about 1-2 hours (about 4,000-7,000 yards) almost everyday (and I am not even out of breath at the end). Normally, I would go swim in the ocean; but if it is raining/storming, then I would just swim in the pool.

    I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger, then a Navy EOD/Diver & qualified as a Navy 1st Class Swimmer.

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    as many as you want to do

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