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My discharge smells terrible?

My discharge smells like rotten milk and sometimes when I’m talking to my dad the smell is so strong that I literally have to put a pillow next to me so it can block the smell and my dad doesn’t have to smell it. Yesterday my dad when he was next to me he  asked  me “what’s that smell it smells weird” I acted like I was confused but I was really embarrassed I also have a lot of discharge Coming out it’s literally bleeding thru my underwear and if I have sweatpants on for example and I spread my legs I can smell it. It’s honestly so embarrassing I went to the doctor like 2 weeks ago and my doctor told me to pee in a cup and she told my mom I have no infection but I don’t believe that. My discharge is thick and white I don’t know if it’s normal 

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    If you haven't been to a board-certified gynecologist, then please ask your mom or dad about making an (or another) appointment.  Perhaps the gyn can get a sample of the discharge, for instance.  Perhaps you or your mom (or dad) can ask the gyn office if they would like a sample of the discharge before the appointment.

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    It’s common especially in adolescents. Just make sure you shower daily 

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    Haha! Oh lordy, women....

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