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How to convince my dad I'm ready to fight him?

So my dad is the leader of the Petalburg City Gym. I just started my Pokemon journey and I feel like I'm ready for my first gym battle. He tells me I'm not ready to fight him but I disagree. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get him to battle me. This man wants me to go to other gyms first and get some experience, however, everywhere I go people are surprised by my skill in battle. Nobody has been able to beat me, so is my dad scared at the thought of losing to his child or is his pride too big to let me get a shot at him? If that newbie Ash Ketchup kid can beat an experienced rock type leader with one Pikachu, then I should be able to put a dent in my dad's lame normal types. How do I convince the bastard to challenge me??

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