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Never received bill?  Collections?

I went to the E.R. 4 months ago.  I received bills from the hospital and the specialist and paid them in full.  I found out there was another bill for the physicians, but I never received a bill during the past 4 months to pay it.  How can I prove this?  I have read the reviews on this particular billing agency and it seems they are notorious for playing this game.  Suggestions?


Also, should you receive a final notice before a company turns a bill over to collections?  That's how it use to be done back in my younger years.

Update 2:

I guess you have to be a psychic and know what bills are suppose to be coming to your house automatically?

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    You should receive a bill before they turn the account over to collections.

    There is no requirement that they send a "final notice" as you are expected to pay (or at least work out something) with them upon receiving the bill.

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    Don't bother.  Proving it is a waste of your time.  Whether or not you received the bill makes absolutely no difference.  The billing agency does exactly the same thing whether or not you received a bill and whether or not you prove that you didn't.  Nothing gets removed from your credit just because you didn't receive a bill.  You are required to pay on time even if you don't get a bill.  There is no reason to prove it; proof will not change anything.

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