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Has there ever been a fat superman batman spiderman etcetera when the comic is written by another company?

Sometimes when other authors get permission to comic book rights they change things like the storyline, the image, making them fat or chubby or even black if before were white.


Thank you Steve Guy...i googled that picture of Spider-Man eating Sand-Man and it was made my day. Also googled the picture of fat spiderman and fat batman but i dont know if those were actual official comics.

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    No but there is a marvel comic where Spider-Man becomes a zombie, goes back in time, eats sandman then gets really fat and explodes. I think there’s older 50s comics where Superman and Batman become fat too. 

  • Fat version of them?... Nope. Black version of them, some what yes. There is a black Superman and a black Spiderman.

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    John Leguizamo played The Violator in the movie Spawn. John is a skinny guy but they made him wear a fat suit. That is all i can think of. I know that did not really help. I am sorry.

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    I do not think so.

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