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DMV Re-Examination?

I have a DMV re-examination appointment on the phone in 2 weeks regarding, I believe, some clarification on the info my neurologist put on my Driver's Medical Evaluation form (I was diagnosed in 2012 with petit mal epilepsy and was cleared of medication in 2015 due to results the past year that one of the doctors didn't find anything suspicious during my EEG at the hospital for observation). I think there were some answers in the form that may be vague for the Hearing Officer to eventually address (i.e. one of the questions was "Would You Recommend a Driving Test Be Given By DMV?" and my neurologist said no. His interpretation of the question was does he have to call the DMV to ask them to plan a "special" driving test due to my past condition, despite the DMV had already booked my new driving test appointment on July 24th (I passed btw) after my first appointment (June 12th) was canceled due to COVID-19). But for anyone who had an re-examination appointment on the phone due to medical/physical reasons, does the Hearing Officer make you test your driving knowledge (like reciting the questions and having you answer by multiple choice) as pertains to the CA Driver's Handbook? Or they don't have to do that if you've already passed the permit test before? I also like to add: since this is my first time at a re-examination, how long do these appointments on the phone last?

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    You like everyone else, ARE not SPECIAL.

    You could drive if medications controlled you Epilepsy.  Just a car. 

    . Not a bus or a big truck or an 747 Max 8.  You have to be dead clear with no history of this ailment (just because a reoccurance could happen when you were flying over Texas oil fields so when the plane came down killing all on board and setting fire to a dozen rigs(you know, a B movie you have not seen yet) type scene.

    . Pretty sure the questions will be asked over the phone.  I never had a reexamination and have had Epilepsy for 30+ years.  I drive car and found out about what I am not allowed to drive.

    .  Never heard of it done on the phone.  At least would think you would have to do the written again.  How hard is that? No different than before.

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