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How do you cope with driving test stress? ?

5 years ago I passed my test. I remember being very anxious, my hands shaking and my teeth chattering. Now I want to go for my motorcycle driving exam. Just thinking about the exam scares the death of me even though I want it so bad.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    During your test, don't think about how bad it will be if you fail. Don't even think things like I wonder if I did that right or Was that a tick or a cross he just made on his sheet?

    At every moment of the test, focus ONLY on the task in front of you at that moment. Whether you're turning at an intersection, reversing, changing lanes, whatever, concentrate only on doing that and doing it right, remembering all your observations. After all, that's what being a good driver is all about.

    "Fill up" your brain with that and there will be no room for nerves.

    And if you're truly ready for your test, keep saying to yourself (not out loud!!) "I can drive, I can drive"

  • 2 months ago

    Assuming you have a motorcycle and permit and have some riding experience. First thing is to go down on a day they are doing tests, and just watch. Make note of how the test is run, where the cones are, etc. Then get your bike and go to the test site on a Sunday and practice what you saw the other test takers doing. You don't need cones, just picture the course in your mind. If you can't get access to the test area, just go to a large parking lot and pretend it's the same course. Do that for a couple of weekends. When it comes time to take the test for real, just pretend it's another practice. Anxiety is all in your mind. Once in the seat, the mechanics kick in. Good luck.  

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