I’m going crazy ?

I don’t live in the first world anymore. Nothing is ever going back to normal. This is our life now. They tell you it’s for your own good. But I can’t take my GED test now, I can’t go to college now, I can’t even go to the mall. I thought would end by the election but now it seems like it’s never going to. This is the world now. The lie that is the first world is in reality the 3rd. Last year I went to Peru. They told me that it was the 3rd world. All I saw was people who make less money than us, and people who apparently live in a corrupt government, living freer lives than I’ve ever seen Americans live. I’m young. I was born in the 21st century. My whole life I’ve been told that everything nowadays is pitch perfect. It was all lies! Propaganda. There is no American dream, there is only the American curse. Freedom doesn’t exist anymore. The government will never give up this newfound power. All I ask is why? Why now, why couldn’t I be born into a totalitarian? Why did it have to show it’s colors when I was old enough to care?  

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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    While you were in Peru we back in the US were living normal lives. Meanwhile, this is what's going on in Peru right now. This virus has affected the planet, hence the name "pandemic". It's not just out to get you, you will someday get to move on with life, and you're not even falling that much behind because every high school drop out is in the same position you're in. It sucks but those of us with fortitude will survive this. 

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  • Ar
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    1 month ago

    Life it is not perfect,  no matter where you live.  Every country has it's own problems.  But, in the USA you have more freedoms than in many other countries. Because of the virus,  there are a lot of restrictions all over the world.  We can't do the things that we use to do before.  

    Just think positive, it will be normal soon. 

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