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bleach bath vs. bleach ?

a little less than a week ago i bleached my hair twice. I got it to around a level 8/9, but i want it to be a level 10. would a bleach bath be effective enough to light it one to two levels? or should i just bleach it one more time? 


you guys are supremely unhelpful lol

Update 2:

i did a bleach bath, which worked. literally none of you answered the question that i asked. i asked if a bleach bath would be effective, not if you think i should see a professional or if i should or shouldn’t bleach it. i have lots of experience with colouring and lightening my own hair, i know it’s limits. i have just never done a bleach bath before and i wanted to know how effective they are.

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  • Unless you think your hair is healthy enough to take another round of bleaching, wait another week or two if you have to bleach it again. You can do some serious damage to your hair and scalp, if you bleach again too early after previously bleaching your hair. 

    Maybe try toning your hair and see if that gets it to where you want it. 

    Every time you bleach your hair, it's causing it to thin out and or it can break off if. If you have to bleach it another time I would suggest you see a professional. They can give you a treatment to help repair some of the damage. Also do a few deep conditioning treatments a week even after getting your hair bleached.

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    Without knowing your starting color, previous dye history, previous chemical treatments or hair texture it's impossible to even guess. If you have fine hair that's had other chemical or heat processes then two bleaches might be your limit. If you have medium thick health hair a bath might be all it needs. If you started with very dark brown or black hair a full bleach might've required. You could test both methods on small sections of hair to see what happens and pick the method that give the results you want. 

    Multiple bleaches is always risky and you must closely watch your hair. The second it's the color you want or the maximum time allowed get the bleach out right away. You still might end up with stretchy hair that snaps off. A salon will bleach using special processes that help the hair retain and restore molecule bonds which means less damage. Again, home bleaching is risky and the third bleach could wreck your hair and still not give the color you want.

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    NO, you should wait longer or even pay to have it done.  

    Bleaching too much can make your hair fall out.  Especially if you don't know what you are doing.  At least pay to have a professional do it. 

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