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Why are global warming "skeptics" never skeptical about their conspiracy theories?

Really how 'skeptical' is someone who blindly believes everything they watch on YouTube? 

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  • Dirac
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    People that believe in conspiracy theories are unable to understand evidence and they also don't have the ability to assess the plausibility of something being true or not.  You'll find that among the "skeptics" in here that most of them believe that the Earth is not really warming, or if it's warming that warming is overstated, because they believe there is a government conspiracy to fake global warming data.  They don't understand the absurdity of what they're claiming, because of the shear numbers of people that would be involved and the amount of data that would need to be "manipulated" It's not like it's just the US or UK that has data that proves the warming, either--it is non-governmental organizations, like Berkeley Earth (funded by the Koch Brothers!!) and it's completely external governments, like Japan.  There are many lines of evidence, also--and they all show the planet is warming.

    They rarely, if ever, check the accuracy of what they say and read--I don't think they really know how.  One of the long-time deniers in here used to make a claim that the global warming "hoax" was costing the U.S. one trillion dollars per year.  I asked him to substantiate the claim, and he would provide a link to an article about a non-public report by a company you've never heard of that made that claim. When I'd complain that there wasn't any way to verify that, he would provide half-a-dozen more links, all secondhand and all citing the same report that no one had seen.

    They almost always rely on conservative blogs as their sources--rarely will they cite a journal article, and if they do, they virtually always misinterpret it.  That's usually because if they're citing a journal article, it's because their blog source also cited it and provided a link, and "interpreted" what the article means (usually wrongly).  There used to be a denier in here that cited an article that directly contradicted what he said it did.  When I provided a direct quote from the article that contradicted his claim, he still didn't admit he was wrong. Their beliefs are not based on evidence, they are wholly political, sometimes with religion thrown in too.

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    DieCrack thinks there were never any conspiracies in history. 

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    That's easy, people that believe in conspiracy theories think they are ''special'' and ''understand'' that they can ''see'' what others can't, therefore it makes them feel ''superior'' when in reality they have an inferiority complex. 

    It's also more comforting for them to believe the government or whatever organisation is up to some plan to take away their freedom than it is to face reality. This is unconsciously, they are unaware of it, seriously! 

    @African, I have read many of these emails and even posted questions here about it, I also have talked to someone who worked with Mann, I kid you not! I have even asked a question about it, right here on Y!A after reading an article in Nature where Jones admitted he made a mistake by using some data from some place in China or whatever. And he was a broken man because of all that crap that was ''reported'' about him. The point is that it did NOT CHANGE ANYTHING! The data turned out to be the same as others. These people had death threats, why aren't you concerned about that? 

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    When you say conspiracy theories do you mean fact? Like climate researchers agreeing to "hide" stuff as per "hide the decline". 

    You need to work on your vocab.

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  • Anything will do, it's all comforting for the little darlings

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    Youtube, Twitter, MSM etc are cesspools of disinformation.  That said, there are some good clips as well.  You have to be skeptical of everything; trust but verify (in other words, don't trust anything).

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    Says the man who believes cow farts control Earth’s thermostat 

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