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Leaves yellow and curling on bottom rotten spots on tomatoes?

2 Answers

  • y
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    2 months ago

    Blanking on the name, been a long time, fungicide like the other suggested may help, not enough air flow through the plants and such and leaves too close to the ground.

    Wilt, I think was the name, some sort of of tomato wilt.  Multiple types, some spread by insects others are in the ground/air. That's why air must be able to flow through, I'm assuming you are using some sort of insect control. I used to hate tomato worms.

  • CB
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    2 months ago

    Pull them off, a fungicide might work but likely the weather or a virus (tobacco virus or other such viruses). Usually if you get rid of the leaves the plants will still produce tomatoes. Remove all dead plants at season end and roots from the growing area and move next years plants to a different part of the garden - the stuff is tough to prevent. 

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