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If I check/take care of my dog's teeth, will he ever need a dental cleaning?

I brush my dog's teeth 3 times per week. He is given good chew toys, hard treats from time to time, and I open his mouth at least once a week and do a good check over. I have heard so many horror stories about dogs going in for dental cleanings. Also, the price, I get it, but it's so expensive.

I'm reading that some vets say to do it once a year and some vets say as long as you take care of your dog's teeth, unless THEY see something at a checkup, there is no need at all. My mom's dog is old, about 11, and she's never had to have a cleaning in her entire life. The vet told her that her teeth are perfect. So if I keep up with cleaning and checking, making sure he has everything he needs and brush, will he ever need a dental? What do you do with your dogs? 

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    I only feed my dogs hard kibble & hard chews & make sure there are lots of things they can chew on.  Never had their teeth cleaned & never brushed them myself.

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    There is no way to know.  This is VERY individualized.  I bush my dog's teeth.  I'm not a Dentist, but I do look inside her mouth.

    My tooth cleaning horror story?  My Lab, age 9, developed an abscess and died on the surgical table during the cleaning.  The explanation was cardiac failure, but I have blamed myself for years.

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