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Why do leftists still falsely claim that Hydroxychlorine does not work to treat COVID19?

Do you hate science or if Trump tells you Oxygen is good for you, will you hold your breath indefinitely to try to prove him wrong?


Oh and that Lancet article you use to say it is dangerous???


Update 2:

I bring up the Indian response because they don't care one way or the other about Trump, so their opinion is not biased by being for or against Trump, unlike US or about half of Europe.  

Update 3:

And the real issue is simple.  It is not a miracle cure, but it helps. THOUSANDS of doctors are giving it and they know more than you do. 

Update 4:

Beardog, Are you trying to lie? First, Chloroquine is given for prophylactic use, meaning its side effects are minimal.  You can't watch ANY drug commercial without hearing far more severe side effects for even the pill. 

Second, the side effects are KNOWN, meaning that any good doctor an monitor them. 

Third, while I present mutliple studies and an article debunking your claim, you present nothing but your opinion... your worthless opinion. 

Update 5:

Kjel, I have provided studies. The poll shows THOUSANDS of doctor are prescribing the drug. Now while I am sure you, being the racist, sexist leftist you are, can find one black female doctor and make fun of her, it does not change the fact that thousands of doctors know more than you do. 

Update 6:

John W, I was unaware Trump has thousand of "witch doctors" internationally. Why don't you jsut call him a GOD.  You seem to think he has all the powers of a god. 

Update 7:

WOW. You would think the intellectually superior leftists who are the preachers of science would be presenting evidence to back their claims. Studies that haven't been retracted or something.  

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    The last thing the Democrats and their Big Pharma donors want is an inexpensive , widely available drug therapy .

    Not when there is a fortune to be made exploiting the public's fear .

  • 1 month ago

    because the doctors and  Fauci, can't make any money

  • 2 months ago

    It's not false. 

  • Zirp
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    2 months ago

    because that's what medical professionals say

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Dr. Fauci, the US's leading infectious disease expert, says that multiple studies have shown that it does NOT work.

  • John W
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    2 months ago

    The only people saying it works is Trump and his witch doctor. Trump claims to have used it and now he has trouble walking and and has to use two hands to hold anything.

  • W
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    2 months ago

    The US is full of these derps who equate politics with science. Idiots, in other words. 

  • 2 months ago

    LOL, the NYP had a poll.  Nothing scientific.  If you want to crunch the numbers though they did say Spain uses it the most and they have a mortality rate close to 10%. 

  • 2 months ago

    Because it doesn’t. It’s meant to treat lupus, and has some fairly serious side effects; especially for those with heart or respiratory conditions, who are considered most at risk for Covid-19. 

    Trump probably just owns stock in a company that makes the crap. 

    Update: What is your interest in selling this? 

    You did not present studies. You presented letters to the editor and columns from the opinion sections. 


  • Ann
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    2 months ago

    Because Trump mentioned it. How much time has been wasted trying to prove it doesn't work.

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