Why does the world still believe sex/sexual orientation should be shielded from our youth and seen as something secretive and taboo?

Imagine how fewer teen pregnancies we'd have if we actually taught teens that sex isn't something taboo they need to hide away and be ashamed of and how fewer suicides there would be if we stopped treating sexual orientations as taboo, why do we even pretend sex/sexual orientation is taboo when it is perfectly natural. If teens are gonna ****, they will **** whether you teach them abstinence is the answer or not so why not fill the world with knowledgeable youth that aren't ignorant of sex or afraid of sexual orientation. There is nothing wrong with sex, if emotional impact is the reason then apparently we're not teaching people about their emotions enough to grasp that. Then again we're too busy teaching how Henry VIII of England killed his women than we are teaching mental and sexual health.

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    I think there's a lot of truth to what you're saying. I do indeed think teens should be equipped with enough knowledge to deal with that part of life. But I think also..? We should not force it on people TOO much! If they're still fairly innocent and inexperienced, and not ready for it! And speaking as an asexual spectrum person, who was more or less COMPLETELY asexual, in her teens..? (I consider myself grey ace, these days.) I really needed to hear that it was also okay NOT to feel that stuff! And to NOT be sexual! Whether that be for life, or just a temporary phase. Plus also..? I needed to hear that you can still fall romantically in love with people, without wanting to f*ck them! And that that, too, is OKAY! No one ever told me those things, and it led to me being all kinds of messed up and confused, for YEARS! I think society has still got a LONG way to go, as far as asexuality and asexual spectrum identities are concerned.

    Source(s): Just my perspective, as a panromantic grey ace female, who spent years feeling lost, ashamed, and confused.
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    What you're describing is a kind of ideal situation, where sex education is thorough, comprehensive, and unbiased.  Unfortunately we don't live in a world like that, and instead live in a world run by chickenshits who are too afraid of children learning actual useful facts and information so they can not only gain understanding of the various sexual orientations but also learn how to be smart and safe when it comes to sex.  That's how we end up with "abstinence only" sex education, which is the equivalent of a driver's ed course that teaches the only safe driving is by not driving, and here's your license.  My grade school sex education was so abysmally horrible, it was another 2 years later when I finally found out that the scrotum was in fact not the urinary bladder and that girls in fact did not have them.

    When adults treat sexual matters as something shameful, embarrassing, and taboo, it makes the kids too afraid to listen and learn about it even when the adults are trying to teach them about it.  The kids turn to schoolyard rumors (things like drinking Mountain Dew before sex prevents pregnancy and drinking a cap full of bleach protects you from STDs, or that really deep kissing can cause pregnancy) to fill in the blanks of their knowledge of sex that they are very naturally trying to learn about.  And when adults treat non-heterosexual sexual orientations as taboo, shameful, wrong, etc., the kids grow up thinking there's something wrong with people who are attracted to the same sex, and think there's something wrong with themselves if they feel attraction for the same sex.  And in all those cases of bad education, those kids grow up and pass along those same twisted values to their own kids, and/or influence the schools to have an equally shitty sex ed program.

    In short, prudishness leads to prudishness and it's an endless cycle unless someone has the balls to stop it and actually teach their kids it's nothing to fear.

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    Not the world, just descendants of Puritans.

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