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Am I dyslexic ?

I'm male in my late 20s from the UK. I think I might be dyslexic. I'm really crap at spellings! I get the I and E mixed up a lot. Words where the A and E are next to each other I normally spell them wrong. I often forget my Right and Left, and need a second or two to remember which is my right and which side is my left. I really struggled with my driving lessons! My driving instructor would tell me which side to turn and I would forget my Rights and Lefts! And he was a grumpy old man and would have a go at me which didnt help! I'm also really bad with punctuation.

My concentration span is really short! Like if I'm reading a book I can only read like 4 pages before I lose concentration. 

Sometimes when I'm reading a book I misread a word so I will read "belong" as "being" and it doesnt make sense and then I realize I read it wrong! When I'm reading I sometimes have to read a sentence twice or thrice to actually understand what iv just read. Which is annoying because I like reading stuff but it takes me a very long time to finish a book! 

I belong to an ethnic community and no one talkes about this stuff! So iv had no one to talk to. 

But it has crossed my mind several times that things seem a little off. 

When I type stuff on social media and read it back it sometimes makes no sense.


I'm really embarrassed by this, I don't think the people around me would understand. 

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    There's a good chance of it .  Have a look at the British Dyslexia Association website.  Before you go in guns blazing have a look at online sceening too:

    Don't be embarrassed.  Dyslexia is still massively underdiagnosed in some communities.  It's a real thing though.  My mum was a child development specialist and was working with dyslexia way back in the 70s when a lot more people thought it was an excuse for laziness.  In the past it was easier to get by with it but the way we communicate now makes it more of a bother, but it has nothing to to with intelligence.  

    My other half will vouch for that.  He's a university lecturer but also has terrible dyslexia (seriously, you should see his unedited writing!) and was pressured out of school early to go work in a factory.  He only got back into education later when someone suggested that he might have dyslexia and he found support to manage it.  He was never stupid and found his level, but reading and writing are hard wotk for him.  It does take him longer than the average person.

    Which brings me to, if you find yourself borderline, just on this side of "normal," or you have other concentration difficulties many of the techniques that help with dyslexia are also applicable so are worth looking into.  If you read hardcopy books have you ever tried putting a blank card under the line you're reading?  Some people find it helps to concentrate.  Good luck in your quest for answers.

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