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Mold and Roaches, I want OUT. ?

I just signed my lease on the 28th and I got the keys on the 1st, planned on moving in this Wednesday. Within the first minute of stepping in the kitchen, I saw a roach and I opened up the cabinet where the sink is, mold. 

I emailed the landlord. I had a family friend who is an exterminator and he said there is an infestation of 40+ roaches in the stove because of leftover rotten food.My landlord told me that the mold is a “stain” that came back and the cleaning crew did “the best they could” And that my “bugs/roaches” might just be ground beetles but they’ll have routine pest control guy come along and spay whatever I want.It’s a whole building, six floors, so there no way it’s just my apartment. I’m honestly disgusted and just want to get out of the lease and possibly get some if not all my money back. I don’t even want to move in there anymore.

Is this possible?

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    NOT A CHANCE.... They will spray as much as you want and the roach problem will be resolved.  It happened to me when I moved into an apartment and extra spraying took care of it. I told them, they came & sprayed again a day or two later and then I think I saw another one in about a week, they sprayed again and I never saw another in many years. (They did once a month spraying for everyone)  The complex had a contract with a pest control company to spray once a month and whenever anybody complained. Within a few days. 

    I doubt that mold is really mold or harmful.

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    Nope you cannot just skip out on the legally binding agreement you signed without paying. There is no such thing as a 3 day right of recistion with a lease. General contract law does not apply. Landlord tenant law does.  It was legally binding the minute you signed it & does not matter if you ever move in. 

    There are legally required steps in every state that tenants must follow in these situations.  Breaking the lease is the LAST step not the 1st.  Even then it requires suing them & getting released from the lease by a judge.

    You can always pay the lease break fee & terminate it that way but not going to happen without paying. 

    The "toxic" mod is very rare. It is not black, it is green & it does not grow out in the open. Common house hold mold is harmless unless you are alergic to it & can safely be cleaned with bleach.  What you saw may not even have been mold. If the unit had been vacant for a bit it was probably just mildew.  

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    You have three business days to cancel a contract. It may be too late. But, it is worth a try. 

    Get the landlord to treat the place for roaches before you move in. Ask the health depth to come about the mold. If it is mold, then landlord needs to have that taken care of. 

    Perhaps you can get your first month's rent pro rated because you could not move in and live there under these conditions.

    To keep roaches at a minimum, you MUST keep an immaculate kitchen by cleaning up every crumb  floors swept cleqn, stove spotless and all food in air tight containers, even boxed foods.

    Welcome to apartment living.

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    After you sign a lease then you AGREE to move in. What is done is done.

    You said it was an apartment right well you could have asked someone what are the cons of living in an apartment BEFORE signing a lease to move into one.

    I already know there are units in apartments that are infested with cockroaches. One of my grand-father's friends lives in an infested unit in a building, and I saw a video of a cockroach climbing on his wall where he lives.

    I already spoke with a man whose job is to get rid of them. I worked at a restaurant that was infested with cockroaches, and they were around, for a while. The exterminator had a hard time getting rid of them.

    I think you screwed yourself over. I assume you never looked at the unit BEFORE moving in.

    Regarding myself I am considering to move into an apartment, but I have another option of where I can live. I am looking at homes to buy, and yes I have enough money saved up to buy my own home. I already found several homes I want to live in, but I don't know which one to buy yet, so I am stuck with having a hard decision to make.

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    Pay for a mold test.  If it is that dangerous black mold then you might be able to get out of the lease if another unit is not available.

    Other wise...this is the big problem with renting...even in an upscale building where the rents are $3k or $k a will have roaches...and you will have mold.  You just get a landlord who will spray the same day you complain.

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    Nope, at least not without a hefty fee at a minimum.  Have you paid a deposit?  If so, maybe you could offer for the landlord to keep the deposit in return for letting you out of the lease. if not, you could offer to pay him a months rent, or so, to let you out of the lease. If you never moved in that's about what a court would give him in recompense but if he took you to court and got a judgement then it could also kill your credit so it would be really nice to make an accomodation with him. Obvious question, but why didn't you check all this out before signing the lease?

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    ...did you not see the property beforehand?

    Also; no. The lease is binding. The landlord has to have the opportunity to fix the problem; which includes regular spraying. 

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    Not without finding out and paying the early termination of the contract if the landlord agrees....... the landlord is doing what is required by the law, so you have no 'get out of legal contract for free'

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