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Why he doesn't want to see me?

I met this guy on a dating app(Im 30 years old, he is 36). We have a lot in common, we talk a lot. I like him. He sent photos of him so did I several times.He seems down to earth, sympathetic and easy going.  We talk 1,5 month but we havent met yet. Everytime I tell him to go out and meet him he says he can't for other reason every time.For example he takes medication for depression after a break up he had last year. He said he hasn't dated yet.

He says he lives with his parents and this period doesn't have a job due to coronovirus.

When I asked him if he wants to have children in the future he says one day but the rest 5 years he just wants to be healthy and happy. We sometimes talk for even 5 hours a day.

I really like talking to him...but I don't understand his tactics in relationship. He goes out with 2 friends sometimes he says, he goes with his mother to her doctor. Is he into me or not? Is this a real relationship?

How to make him see me?

Actually I know where he lives, he told me the area I googled him and I found the address..

Is there a possibility he might be married?

Thank you in advance!

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    Let me sum up, from your words:

    He's 36, lives with his parents, jobless, wants to put off children for another 5 years, is taking medication for depression due to a break up last year and has made multiple excuses not to meet and you are actually asking a bunch of strangers how to "make him see me"??  

    My take: talk to him, be friends with him but for the love of all that is good in this world, tell yourself that relationship wise you deserve so much better than what you have described.  

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    In Date Site Land, a guy who isn't eager for a prompt real life face to face meeting is a guy who is never going to be that into you. 

    Some people in Date Site Land are there to MEET potential dates. And some are there to fill their idle hours with hanging around Date Site Land, with emails and chats and texts and phone but not to actually meet and date anyone. This guy is the second type. He could be married, could be a wanker phreak, could simply enjoy amusing himself with fantasies of "affairs" that aren't really happening in real life. 

    My advice for ladies in Date Site Land is to always insist on a brief but very prompt face to face meeting. "I like your profile. If you like mine, let's meet for coffee in downtown Lake City very soon." 

    A guy who isn't EAGER to travel to your area and buy you a cup of coffee is guy who is never going to be a good date. Throw him back and move on to the next candidate. No matter how wonderful a guy may seem by internet and phone, he can turn out to be repulsive in real life. Or to never want any in real life contact with you. And then you've wasted a lot of time and effort. 

    Date Site Land is a waste of time if you choose to waste your time this way. Insist on that prompt face to face so as to avoid wasting your time in this way. 

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    he probably does not have money to take u out, he might not look like the picture he sent u, he indeed might be married or in live in relationship. in any way if a guy tries being evasive when u offer to meet it is time to dump him and move on

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    Invite him to your house and maybe he needs some hole to cure his depression and you will be blessed if this way helps him out. It’s not like you are still virgin 

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    Id say its more likely he's being cautious because you give off a creepy stalker vibe. Just my take, though

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