What is wrong with me regarding my sexuality, read below?

So I am neither hetrosexual or homosexual. Rather, I long for cuddling with my parents like I am a kid again or having a kid of my own to cuddle with (nothing sexual). I have longed for this ever since I was about 10 and too old to cuddle and now I am a 38 year old man. I have learning disabilities so am stunted a little so maybe that has something to do with it. There is nothing sexual about the cuddling, just want cuddling the way I did when little.


In terms of sexual behavior I am asexual, no desire. However, is something wrong with me? Does wishing I could cuddle with my parents or children make me weird? Is it like pedophilia or Oedipus Complex? Again I have no sexual attraction towards these people what so ever and no sex drive period, I just crave the snuggling days. I even have a giant teddy bear that I snuggle with pretending I am a parent with my kid. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    I mean, it can just be summed up to paternal/child instinct if you feel the need for affection from your parents and want to spoil/give affection to  child of yours.

    If the need is that unbearable maybe there is some past event or lack there of that triggered this big need for affection ? 

    Its also not hard to distinguish between romantic love, familiar love and platonic love, so whether you think you might be a pedo or not is up to you to understand what sort of affection you are seeking, weather is it romantic affection or just platonic/familiar affection, and in the case of it being romantic, obviously find help as soon as possible as to not let it escalate.

    If its whit a stranger, then this is territory I am not familiar whit as a gay guy.I am not very knowledgeable about Asexual people, as for me its really hard to separate sexual interesse from romance, as I think being sexually interested in someone is part of a romantic relationship, but, once again, its up to you to understand what sort of love you are seeking from these people.

    To sum it up: Unless you are jealous of one of your parents over the other or low-key fell in love romantically or sexually whit one of your parents, you do not suffer Oedipus Complex, if you do not want a romantic/sexual relationship whit a child/your child then you arent a pedo, if you simply feel the need of being spoiled and lack affection, you are basically either a needy person or someone that lacked that in its childhood and now has the need for it.

    This is my take on it.

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    Get a dog........

  • 2 months ago

    Nothing wrong or weird with that, you're just very affectionate :)

    I, too, am an asexual guy, but I have a girlfriend (biromantic ace) who I cuddle like you described. I also occasionally cuddle my siblings and parents. Don't have kids (I'm only about half your age, haha) but if I ever do have them then sure I'll cuddle them.

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    Okay, so you're asexual, and into non-sexual cuddling. So what? Speaking as a 31-year-old asexual spectrum woman who also loves cuddles..? I see NOTHING wrong with that, whatsoever! And another thing I think..? Is: if you are NOT in a sexual or romantic relationship, with anyone, and you don't have kids to cuddle with, either..? You'll just start missing it even more! Because while there are probably at least SOME exceptions to that rule, too? Most of us humans crave loving touch! And I know some asexual and aromantic people who feel the same way, in fact..? Have platonic cuddle buddies! Which is AWESOME!!! You've just got to find someone who feels the same way as you! And.. although it's still an intercontinental LDR, and we are not physically together right now..? I have personally been lucky enough to find the love of my life, who's someone who also LOVES to cuddle! And is a sappy, hopeless romantic, like me! And.. identifies as bisexual, rather than asexual. But is still not HUGELY sexual, and 100% respects my (grey) asexuality, with NO problem whatsoever! And when we're together..? We have literally ALL the best ever cuddles, and SO many wonderful things!! So.. there's someone out there for everyone! I truly believe that! And if you are ALSO aromantic..? You'll just have to find platonic friend cuddle buddies, with no romance involved! Simple as that. :)

    Anyway... You can cuddle with kids, too. And with your parents. But only on their terms! It's important that they don't feel pressured and intruded upon. But I know at least my parents, and my kid half-brothers..? Enjoy a good hug, for instance. Other than that..? Cuddly toys are awesome, yes! (I have them, too.) As are cuddle buddies, like I mentioned! And also, one more thing: ever considered getting yourself a really cute and cuddly pet? Because that may also be worth considering! Of course you should not FORCE cuddles on them, either. And it has to be on their own terms. They are living beings, after all! But I know many of them..? Really enjoy cuddles, in high doses. :-P

    Source(s): Fellow ace spectrum person, (panromantic grey ace female), who also loves and craves cuddles. <3
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